Missing Susan Carter And Natasha: Is They Found Dead?

by Sushil Pandit
Missing Susan Carter And Natasha

Be informed of the most recent developments regarding Susan Carter’s disappearance. Susan Carter missing case as new evidence is emerging and is reshaping the inquiry into missing Susan along with her daughter Natasha. To give some context, Susan Carter was the main suspect in a abduction cold case.

Missing Susan Carter And Natasha

At first it was believed she abducted their daughter Natasha “Alex” Carter during a custody dispute in 2000. However, this mystery has taken on a new turn. For the past two decades, police believed that Susan was the one who had kidnapped her daughter in a tense custody dispute with her husband Rick Lafferty. The incident first came to light on the 8th of August in 2000 the day that Susan was 41 years old when she was arrested, along with her 10-year-old daughter Natasha seemed to disappear after she moved in with her new husband. Susan left a disturbing message for her husband declaring that he will never be able to see their daughter ever again. The search for their missing daughter was characterized by a variety of twists and twists. The posters that were released by the FBI showed Susan as the primary suspect, and her daughter appearing to be afraid of her. A $10,000 reward was offered to anyone who could lead to Susan’s capture.


In 2023 the year 2023, there was a major change within the probe. West Virginia State Police uncovered new evidence that suggested Susan and Natasha were both missing under mysterious circumstances. In response, two warrants for search were issued at the Carters the most recent address located within Raleigh County, West Virginia. Crime scene investigators from the FBI’s unit has uncovered and recovered additional evidence from forensics that is linked to the incident, however particular details have not been made available for the general public. The house where warrants for search were executed was located in the home of Larry Dell Webb, and evidence to the criminal investigation are visible, including a portion of drywall and flooring tiles. This Susan Carter and Natasha “Alex” Carter case continues to draw attention and interest with many questions and no answers while the hunt for the truth is advancing.

The Susan Carter kidnapping cold case has drawn the attention of the entire nation for nearly two decades and, as of the year 2023, the mystery remains whether Susan Carter been located? The mysterious disappearance of Susan Gail Carter and her daughter, Natasha Carter, in 2000 has been marred by a number of events that have left investigators as well as the public in disbelief.

A major news release was released by the FBI’s Crime Scene unit in which they revealed that they had discovered and obtained additional forensic evidence related to the investigation. But the specific nature of the evidence has not been revealed in the open to anyone. In light of these developments police agencies have decided to raise the reward to $20,000 in exchange for any information that might be used to uncover the identities or the arrest of Susan or Natasha Carter.

They’re asking the public for assistance in resolving this tangled mystery and have asked people to connect to the West Virginia State Police Beckley Detachment in the event they have any relevant information. Our deepest sympathies and prayers extend to the families of Susan Gail Carter and Natasha “Alex” Carter as they remain battling the overwhelming mystery concerning their disappearance. The countless twists and turns of the long-running cold case have certainly taken their impact on the loved ones of their who must confront unanswered questions and the lingering hope of a reunion.

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