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by Sushil Pandit
Mayanti Langer Net Worth

There have been many sports journalistic anchors throughout the years however, none have made as lasting a mark such as Mayanti Langer. With her unmatched passion and knowledge of this field Mayanti is able to make a name in the field of sports-related presenting. Who really is Mayanti Langer as well as how has she come to be the most admired anchors of sports?

Who is Mayanti Langer?

born on the 8th of February, 1985 from Delhi, India, Mayanti is a renowned sports journalist who is currently with Star Sports. Her legacy is extensive that includes her father Sanjiv Langer, who served in the United Nations and her grandparents Lt. General Rajinder Nath Batra and Mrs. Priyo Batra, being prominent people in their own way. Although she spent a significant portion of her life within America, she has always been a native of India. United States, her roots remain in India.

How Did Her Early Life Shape Her Career?

Mayanti’s childhood and her influence from her Lt. General dad and mother who was a schoolteacher was disciplined as well as educational. The passion for soccer began during her school years and continued throughout her time at the Super Soccer Academy in Delhi. She initially hoped to become a Graphic Designer, her time in the role of a anchor”FIFA Beach Soccer “FIFA Beach Soccer” caused her to alter directions.

What was the cause of her meeting With Stuart Binny?

The world of love blossomed in sports after Mayanti was introduced to the cricketer Stuart Binny in 2012. After a brief courtship, they got married the same year. Interestingly, Mayanti is four months Stuart’s senior. The couple are now enjoying the joys of motherhood. It’s worth noting that Stuart’s father Roger Binny, is a highly regarded former Indian cricketer.

What Are Her Notable Career Achievements?

Mayanti’s experience in anchoring sports started by anchoring “FIFA Beach Football.” After her successful performance, she was brought into hosting and producer associate to Football Cafe by Zee Sports. It wasn’t over there. She was the host of the Nehru Cup Football Tournament to anchoring the Indian Cricket League on Zee Sports Mayanti’s career path continued to climb.

Her abilities as anchors were recognized when ESPN picked her to be part of their team of broadcasters for the 2009 FIFA World Cup broadcasts, following by notable appearances at Commonwealth Games 2010, World Cup Cricket 2011 and the Indian Super League Football Tournament 2014. Recently she was awed by viewers during this season’s Indian Premier League 2018 season.

What’s the Secret Behind Her Popularity?

Mayanti’s ability in providing an insightful pre-match, mid-game and post-match analysis is what sets her apart. Her collaboration with Charu Sharma at the Commonwealth Games 2010 held in Delhi was praised by the crowd. Together, they provided an unique mix of entertainment and information that was admired by millions.

How Does Her Financial Success Reflect Her Career Triumphs?

Professional success has been rewarded to Mayanti very handsomely. Mayanti has an estimated net worth of US $1 million which is equivalent to about 6 crores in Indian rupees. Her success has also enabled her to afford a luxury home in Mumbai as well as a stylish SKODA KODIAQ SUV estimated at US $0.05 Million.

What’s Next for Mayanti Langer?

With her unparalleled knowledge and dedication, Mayanti Langer’s journey in sports journalism seems to be unstoppable. While she continues to anchor major sports events and catch the attention of fans across the globe One can only ask what’s next in her crown?

In the end, Mayanti Langer is more than just a journalist for sports she is a cult figure in the field of broadcasting sports in India. Her story, brimming with determination and passion is an inspiration for many young reporters and sports fans around the world.

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