Lisa Urick Patterson Obituary And Death: What Happened To Lisa Urick Patterson?

by Sushil Pandit

This article is focused on Lisa Urick Patterson’s funeral and the circumstances surrounding her passing. The month of May, 1997 was a source of a concern regarding the location of Gary who was an Texas draftsman who was a single father of an infant daughter, Crystal. Gary had been offered an chance to supervise a new project located in El Paso, which could be a safer future for him as well as Crystal. His fiancée, Michelle Wilson, assisted with the selection of the right attire for the interview. The couple opted for black pants white shirts with cowboy booties.

Lisa Urick Patterson’s Obituary

Gary was taken for the Waco airport to meet with his interview and it would be the only time Michelle was with Gary. He was never seen again. Lisa Urick Patterson’s funeral is a topic that has been of interest to many and we invite you to read until the end to find out the details about. Crystal was cared for by Wilson and Patterson’s parents at the time, however they didn’t hear anything from Gary. Lisa Urick Patterson’s death notice was published from her family. Patterson family.


Be concerned about his health concerned about his wellbeing, worried about his wellbeing, the Patterson family had reported Gary missing. The location of the job, in the easternmost portion of the Chihuahuan Desert, was east of El Paso, as Gary had previously indicated. The site was of particular concern as it was located across the border with Juarez, Mexico. Texas Ranger Matt Cawthon mentioned, “Juarez is a place known for its violence, corruption and a high rate of crime.” Investigator Steve January from the Waco Police Department expressed similar concerns. “He may be robbed by a person. He may be shot by someone else,” he added. Detective January stated the possibility that “anything could have transpired.” Based on the investigators, Gary had indeed taken an airplane to Waco towards El Paso.

The trail eventually became cold. With help from the Mexican consulate The Patterson family ensured that Gary was not in a jail or in a prison across the border. Investigators also found that custody disputes were the cause to conflict after Gary’s divorce, in 1992. According to information in “Buried In the Backyard,” Gary’s ex-wife, Lisa Urick Patterson, had taken their child away in 1994, and was missing for two years. Detective January said that during the questioning by the police Lisa Urick Patterson had a strong alibi and wasn’t an individual of any significance. Michelle Wilson, Gary’s fiancee was also interviewed by the investigators to see whether she was connected to Gary’s disappearance. But, she was swiftly eliminated as a possible suspect. She had an alibi, and was genuinely concerned for Gary.

Young gave the detectives an outline of the area of the fatal incident. By using the map, detectives were able locate Gary Patterson’s remains. They were later confirmed by dental documents. Medical examiner’s findings showed that Patterson was hit with a blunt object and also had sand inside his nasal and lungs. Detective January said, “Gary Patterson had been dead for a long time.” Investigator Cawthon stated, “If you ever have doubts as to the possibility of evil, think about the circumstances that led to Gary Patterson. This is pure inhumanity.” At first there was a call for the execution of Patterson in the investigation. In September 1999, however, Sam Urick and Theodore Young confessed to murdering Patterson. Young received 20 years of prison for his part in the murder but was released in the year 2018, after serving 17 years.

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