KJ Wright Daughter: Who Is MacKenzie Wright Age, Ethnicity And More

by Sushil Pandit

KJ Wright’s fans and loyal fans have demonstrated a deep fascination with his family’s life, specifically his children. If you’re interested and would like to know details about KJ Wright’s kin, continue reading. KJ Wright, who was a former American NFL linebacker gained his fame primarily through the National Football League (NFL). His NFL journey began with his selection by the Seattle Seahawks in the 4th round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

KJ Wright Daughter

Through the time of his career He also had notable contributions when playing for his team, the Las Vegas Raiders. Furthermore, he had a great college football experience playing for the Mississippi State Bulldogs. The 27th of July, 2022 Wright was the talk of the town when he signed an one-day contract with the Seahawks before officially ending his time as a player of the team. Even though KJ Wright is praised for his achievements at the field, his loyal supporters often express an curiosity about his private life. Particularly, KJ Wright takes pride in being a devoted father to three children with two sons Nathalie Wright-Kam Joseph as well as Kaleyus Antonio, as well as an adorable daughter with the name MacKenzie Wright.

KJ Wright Daughter

According to available information, KJ and his girlfriend-turned-wife, Nathalie, celebrated the arrival of their first child, a son named Kam Joe, in May 2016. Their union KJ with Nathalie in marriage took place on the 27th of May in 2017 in a beautiful wedding ceremony in Seattle. The wedding was blessed with the attendance of tight-knit family members and beloved friends. The family grew even more as they welcomed their second child, Kaleyus Antonio Wright, in August, 2019. KJ Wright is a family man with high regards and is a fan of spending time with his family in his spare time. If you’d like to get an insight into the life of his family, connect with KJ Wright’s Instagram using the handle @kj_wright34. On Instagram the user shares candid photos of the precious moments he cherishes and spends time with his loved ones.

MacKenzie Wright is the daughter of KJ Wright. She is believed to be the oldest among his children. There is little information available publicly regarding her. MacKenzie is a quiet person and isn’t often mentioned in the media. Her dad, KJ is known to occasionally share pictures of MacKenzie via the Instagram account, giving glimpses of their relationship. The 12th of May in 2021 KJ posted a collection of images in his Instagram to commemorate MacKenzie’s birthday. The post was captioned by KJ with, “Happy 13th Birthday To My beautiful young girl Ariana Janae.”


Many well-wishers for KJ posted messages on KJ’s post to send their wishes for the birthday of MacKenzie who was 13 years old. KJ is well-known for his close family ties and enjoys spending time in different places with his family, including his wife. KJ Wright is the father of three children and his wife is believed as his spouse who is known as Nathalie. According to various reports in the media, Nathalie is involved in the real estate industry. Prior to the real estate business she was, according to reports, working as a nurse. While she has a constant presence on Instagram under the handle @natty.b00 However, her account is now private, which restricts users to post on her account.

In the year 2015, KJ Wright proposed to Nathalie on the Boeing factory tour. It was a memorable moment they shared along with their dad. Fast forward two years and on the 27th of May 2017 they were officially married and wife at the Seattle marriage ceremony. Since that day, KJ and Nathalie have maintained their relationship, and are open about their love story to their fans, and keep their love story in the social network spotlight.

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