Is Rashad Jamal White In Barrow County Jail: Arrest Case Update

by Sushil Pandit

Rashad Jamal, who is also known under the ID Dave Insight on social media and is a self-proclaimed New Age prophet with a large following on various social media platforms, including TikTok which has more than 182k followers with the name @rashadjamal22. Jamal is a part of a loosely connected with a spiritual group called the Spiritual Influencers. In recent times, Jamal’s name is being circulated across the internet in response to news of his arrest. This has drawn a lot of interest via social networks. People are intrigued by his legal status at present as well as whether he’s in prison or jail or not, as well as any updates regarding his case. According to an Vice report that cites the court records, Jamal has been sentenced to 18 years of prison, which was followed by an additional 22 years probation totalling 40 years. The judge reportedly found him guilty of child abuse and child abuse and was sentenced to prison. According to FOX News, Jamal is located in Barrow County, Georgia, which indicates that he is in jail.

What is Rashad Jamal White in Barrow County Jail

Rashad Jamal was arrested and conviction for child abuse and cruelty to children, which led to a variety of speculations among his loyal supporters. Some of his followers believe that the legal case was crafted to limit his influence and influence. Jamal was accused of one count of child molestation, and one case of cruelty towards youngsters in the second degree however, he was cleared of another charge of molestation of children.


The kid in Jamal’s trial is the son of Jamal’s ex-partner, Darshell Smith, with whom he has the same son. Jamal’s arrest has sparked outrage and dismay among his followers, a lot of whom claim that secret and powerful forces are responsible for his arrest. The news regarding Rashad Jamal’s arrest circulated widely online with many seeking out more details about his activities. His arrest stemmed from accusations of a savage and threatening behaviour towards his former partner Darshell Smith’s daughter, which resulted to serious criminal allegations being filed against him.


According to an Tech News outlet on YouTube known as Motherboard, Jamal has been detained since the 3rd of May 2022. As of now, Jamal is likely serving his sentence in prison, since an Georgia judge has sentenced him to the maximum of 18 years behind bars. More information regarding his case are likely to be released in the near future.

Following Rashad Jamal’s sentence, the social media community is very active in discussions and replies. The followers and his fans have expressed their opinions on different social media platforms, as well as some of them have proclaimed conspiracy theories regarding his arrest. Many of his fans remain convinced of his innocence, demonstrating the unwavering support they have for their spiritual leader in these turbulent times.

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