Is Lindsay Davenport Gay? Meet Her Husband Jon Leach

by Sushil Pandit
Is Lindsay Davenport Gay

Is Lindsay Davenport gay? Let us know the truth about this report by reading this post. Lindsay Davenport was born on the 8th of June, 1976. The place she was raised is Palos Verdes, Aclirfonia, United States. As per her birth date at present she is 47 years older. The woman has been an American former tennis player who was famous. The professional. She is the most skilled tennis player from America. She was as a singles world at No. 1 for more than 98 weeks. She is currently living in Laguna Beach, California.

Is Lindsay Davenport Gay?

She is known as Lindsay Ann Davenport Leach but she is most often referred to in the form of Lindsay Davenport. She is around 6 foot 2.5 inches. She became a professional tennis player on February 22nd, 1993. She resigned from tennis in the year 2010. The daughter is Wink Davenport who was part of the U.S. volleyball team at the Summer Olympics in 1968 in Mexico City, and Ann L. Jeberjahn who was the head of the Southern California volleyball association. Lindsay came from a sports family. Read on to find out details about her sexuality.

There are people who claim Lindsay Davenport is gay. The rumor was shared from an unconfirmed source. Many people speculate about the fact that Lindsay may be gay. She is part of LGBTQ+. The rumors have been speculated in an interview she favored an equality of gender in marriage, and she also endorsed LGBTQ+. However, it has been claimed it is fabricated since she is married. Her husband is Jon Leach who is a Merrill Lynch investment banker and an ex- University of Southern California All-American tennis player.

Davenport had a major break during her pregnancy in 2006. She was blessed with a newborn boy in the year 2007. The baby was born in Newport Beach, California. In 2009 she gave birth the daughter of her within Newport Beach, California. In 2012 the birth of her daughter was a second one. Then, in 2014 the birth of her daughter was her 3rd. The mother of 4 children. Lindsay is a high-valued asset of net worth, but her net worth isn’t revealed as of at this time. Lindsay owns several properties. She has a property located in Laguna Beach, California, one in Kona, Hawaii, and one located in Irvine, California where she is the neighbor of Shady Canyon. Additionally, she has additional properties.

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