Gulshan E Hadeed School Viral Video: Karachi school sealed after leaked video

by Sushil Pandit
Gulshan E Hadeed School Viral Video

Pakistanis were shocked and stunned by the scandalous video which was released from Gulshan e Hadeed School. The scandalous Gulshan E. Hadeed video has caused a stir in Pakistan since it was posted on the internet. Internet users have been talking about the leaked video from Gulshan E Hadeed school, as its principal is a main suspect in the scandal. His actions and demeanor towards female staff and students has caused a stir. The scandalous video of the IGM principal was leaked to social media. He has since been arrested. Continue reading to learn more.

Gulshan E Hadeed Viral School Video

The news of this scandal has been spreading on the Internet as the principal of the Karachi school is the main suspect. Irfan Ghafoor memon is the man who has been identified. He is IGM Principal at Gulshan E Hadeed School. Irfan Memon is accused of sexually assaulting teachers and other members of staff. He is also accused for assaulting females students over a period of months. Irfan Memon was recently arrested after his horrifying actions against a student on social media went viral. In recent days, the Gulshan E Hadeed School Scandal has been one of Pakistan’s most shocking and trending stories. It is important to know more about this. You can look at the details below by swiping down.

Some reports suggest that Irfan Memoryn, the principal of IGM, sexually abused female staff, students and teachers in the school. He not only sexually abused them, but also recorded their intimate activities using CCTV cameras in order to blackmail his victims. Irfan Memon, according to reports, allegedly committed these crimes for several months. However his actions remained unknown until an internet video was leaked. Five women are now speaking out about Irfan’s crimes.

People are worried about their sisters’ safety at school, as this scandal reveals the horrendous actions of a principal in an educational institution. IGM principal Irfan Memon is reportedly in custody. Social media is a buzz with his mugshots, and a video of him at the police station. Police recovered 25 obscene videos from Irfan’s phone after his arrest. He is now facing charges of harassing and blackmailing women at Gulshan E Hadeed School.

We will give you the information about the Karachi viral video, as people are searching for it on the internet. Internet users are searching for more information about the viral video. They also want to know the details of the incident. In this article, we provide information on the viral video for our readers. We will also give you the information about the viral news, as people are searching for it on the internet. Continue reading the article to learn more.

Irfan Ghafoor Memon was arrested by police in Karachi on Monday, after receiving reports that he had sexually assaulted teachers and staff. The police found more than 25 videos on the suspect’s phone after his arrest. This is yet another important issue regarding pornographic videos in Pakistani educational institutions. After the discovery of a video and the arrests of top school administrators, authorities sealed private school buildings that were not registered in a Karachi suburb on Monday. According to the Interim Minister of Education, swift action was taken. The Directorate of Private Institutions began the process by submitting a request to Deputy Commissioners in the respective regions.

In response to the request, a team led by an Assistant Commissioner arrived on the scene and sealed the area. It was important to ensure the safety of the students and staff at the school, as well as control any negative circumstances that could develop in the sensitive situation. The Deputy Director for Private Schools who is responsible for the investigation of the incident announced simultaneously that they plan to collect detailed testimony from all those connected with the school. These statements will be vital in revealing the truth behind the accusations and charges.

The arrest of the accused principal was a result of charges of gross misconduct, breach of trust and alleged sexual assaults on the teaching staff. The allegations were confirmed as soon as a series of videos purporting to show him appeared. In a public statement released after his arrest, the accused principal apologized for his actions and said that the people in the tapes weren’t his employees. Reputable police officials, however, flatly denied these accusations and confirmed that the women in the films were indeed faculty members of the institution.

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