Cecilia Dapaah Money, Special Prosecutor seizes again

by Sushil Pandit
Cecilia Dapaah Money

OSP has frozen Cecilia Dapaah’s account again. It was not long ago that the court had ordered OSP unfreeze her account and return any money seized. The court had no jurisdiction to hear this case because it was filed out of time. The Office of the Special Prosecutor took multiple steps to freeze her account. OSP complied with court orders to make this major move. The High Court in Accra last week ordered OSP to refund Cecilia Dapaah’s money ($590,000), which was taken from her house. The Accra High Court ordered that the OSP also unfreeze Cecilia Dapaah’s bank accounts with Prudential and Societe Generale. Cecilia Dapaah’s accounts are said to have been frozen once again. Read more in the sections below.

Cecilia Dapaah Money

Earlier, when the Office of Special Prosecutor unfroze her account and returned the cash seized at her house, it compiled the order and ruling from the Accra High Court. The Office of Special Prosecutor, however, has once again directed that the bank accounts and investments be frozen on September 5, 2023. This is due to suspicions of corruption and immorality related offenses regarding the source and ownership of large sums of money. The OSP confirmed in a press release that it has frozen her bank account and investments once again. Continue to the next section to get more information.

In an official statement, the OSP said, “The Office of the Special Prosecutor complied to the ruling and order of the High Court of Accra, Accra, dated August 31 2023 by unfreezing the bank accounts and investments of Cecilia Dapaah.” The OSP returned the seized cash in front of Cecilia Dapaah and her attorneys.

After a theft in which more than $1,000,000 was stolen from the politician’s house, her bank accounts were frozen. The prosecutor believed that the money had been contaminated and therefore the order of seizure should be confirmed by a court. Stay tuned.

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