Amanda Kaylor Obituary: What Happened To Erich Schwer Ex Girlfriend Amanda Kaylor?

by Sushil Pandit

Amanda Kaylor was a woman who was close to Erich Schwer, a participant on The Bachelorette. Amanda Kaylor was also a dedicated mother, and had a fervent interest in outdoor activities being a resident of Santa Monica. Amanda Kaylor’s journey, although tragically short, was full with adventure, love and the strong bonds she developed with her friends and family. Her sudden death on the 5th of September, 2023 in the twilight years 27 has left an indelible mark upon the souls of all who had the honor of being close to her. Amanda was a very loving mother as well as her children were a special part inside her heart. She fought the challenges of single parenthood with unfaltering commitment and devotion in creating a safe and safe environment for her precious children. Her children were important to her and she took great pride in watching their development.

Amanda Kaylor Obituary

In addition to her duties as wife, Amanda was a free spirit who sought refuge in the natural world. Amanda called Santa Monica her home, where she was awed by thrilling sports like snowboarding, as well as dirt bike riding. Her enthusiasm for adventure was infectious and enticed others to join her thrilling world of excitement and thrill. Amanda’s friendship her with Erich Schwer, a finalist on The Bachelorette, added an exciting dimension to her story. Their romance began before Erich’s television adventure, which was ignited by a chance encounter via the dating application Hinge. Their first encounter quickly grew into a deeply dedicated relationship, despite all the difficulties they would meet.


In this period of deep loss Amanda’s family has graciously asked for privacy and time to process their grief before divulging further details about her funeral and obituary. Amanda’s death was a devastating tragedy because it was related to suicide. The tragic incident took place on the 5th of September, 2023. It forever changed the lives of all who knew her and loved Amanda.


The entire world was shocked by the tragic news of Amanda Kaylor’s passing her life way too soon leaving behind many unanswered concerns and a soaring feeling of sadness. Amanda Kaylor, a vibrant and adventurous person was only 27 years of age when she tragically ended her own life at her home located in Santa Monica. Her death sent shockwaves through her entire community. She deeply affected people’s hearts. faithful followers who struggled at peace with the devastating experience of losing someone young and vibrant. The circumstances surrounding Amanda’s death remain unclear with many contemplating what caused her to make this heartbreaking decision.

While family members, friends and followers try to confront the tragic loss of Amanda and the loss of her beloved wife, they’re left with an endless list of unanswered questions. Amanda’s family, who are saddened by the loss of their loved one is seeking some time and space to work through their journey of healing before disclosing details of her funeral plans and her obituary. In this difficult time they seek refuge in the privacy of their home and are able to process their deep sorrow. In the wake of the tragic death of Amanda Kaylor, may her memory spark discussions about the mental state, empathy and the necessity of reaching out to those who are in need. Her vivacious spirit will always be remembered and her passing is an important reminder to be mindful of our health and the well-being of others around us.

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