Abilene Rodeo Obituary: Bronc Rider Dies at Abilene Rodeo

by Sushil Pandit

It was the Bronc Rider Skee Burke was died in an accident that was tragic. Skee Burkes passed away in a tragic accident. The news of his death has been officially confirmed through his relatives. The news about his death is spreading across the internet. The rider passed away on the 9th of September in 2023 the night before his death. His death announcement was made via the internet on the 10th September 2023 on Sunday. The death announcement about this Bronc rider has caught the attention of a lot of people. Today Netizens are eager to find out about the circumstances in which the Bronc rider died in an accident. Read this whole article to know everything you can about this unfortunate and shocking death incident.

Abilene Rodeo Obituary

The news of the death of The Bronc rider was announced in the presence of Rochelle Johnson. She stated clearly that the vice-president and the director general of the Expo Center, Skee Burkes was killed in an unfortunate accident. According to the details provided by Rochelle the rider’s death occurred due to falling off his horse. He passed away immediately after falling off his horse. When riding his horse, there wasn’t any protection. Horses are a too wild, and due to the horse’s wild nature, he was thrown off the horse. The family members of the rider. The rider was a young male who was not an older individual.


When Skee Burke was riding the horse in competitions at the time, an ambulance was always present, but on this particular day the ambulance wasn’t present. The accident happened on September 2023 on a Saturday. When his accident, he had been part of the group. He was among those who participated in the competition for bronc riders. The rider passed away at 26 years of age. He was killed during the West Texas Fair and Rodeo. He passed away in the evening of Saturday. The family and loved ones who lost their loved ones are facing a difficult moment.


Abilene Rodeo’s death is among the most shocking news of the moment. The world of horse racing is in surprise right now. Many mourn the loss of an incredible soul. He was an untried man. Skee Burkes was only a 26-year-old. He died in a sudden manner. He was extremely obsessed with horse riding. He was also passionate about his lying. When he fell off of the horse, the contest was stopped and the competition was not able to continue. Now the event will be held on 16th September 2023. The soul of the participant be at peace.

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